The Trust founded by great freedom fighter Bharat Ratna Aruna Asaf Ali is named after the renowned cardiologist, philanthropist – and the first Chairman of the Link and Patriot group of newspapers, Dr. Annappa Vital Baliga (1904-1964). Earlier it was named as Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Foundation and later on registered as Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Trust in August 1983. The trust has been working  for the deprived section of the society for over four decades.

Vision: To endeavor to bring about a secular nationally integrated egalitarian society empowering the disadvantaged through education, awareness and employment opportunities.  To break down barriers of negativity in religion, caste and gender.

Mission: Education for all, universalization of elementary education, ensuring the rights of each child.   A secular society in a learning and living environment, more employment.  Focused awareness programs.  Empowered women.

Long term objectives of the organization :To make the mission a reality through time bound projects, relating to education both school and continuing, awakening latent creativity to develop special abilities inherent in each individual. Health for all.

To develop the underprivileged by awareness of their rights and by awakening of skills leading to employment friendly society with barriers of religion, caste and gender broken down, making the Fundamental Rights enshrined in our constitution a reality.

Our History

The Early Years of the Trust

Concerned with the economic, social and political marginalisation of the urban poor, the Trust started with delivering basic health and education services to the communities residing in the slum clusters of Delhi. Initially providing medical aid to deserving cases, the service grew into a full-fledged free medical clinic, operating from Link house and in Mangolpuri, Dakshinpuri and Trans-yamuna area. The Trust also worked on prevention of blindness among children and set up weekly eye clinics in Mangolpuri, Sarai Kale Khan and Mehrauli. In its initial days, the organisation offered scholarships to children from its project areas for primary, secondary and vocational studies.  The scholarships were particularly targeted towards children with a high potential of dropping out of school. Till 1989 the Trust was running adult literacy and vocational training centres  in Dakshinpuri, Khanpur, Sarai Kale Khan, Nathupura and Burari.

With a project of 300 adult literacy centres funded  by the Ministry of Human Resource Development in Mangolpuri, over 20,000 adults were made functionally literate and many of them have been taken to the advanced level of literacy through the Continuing Education programmes.


The Trust is currently running a Gender Resource Centre in Mangolpuri Resettlement Colony for poverty alleviation and empowerment of women.

Networks, Technical Alliances and Collaborations 

Dr.A.V.Baliga Memorial Trust is active member of the following networks: –

  • CAMPAIGN AGAINST CHILD LABOUR – DELHI (Co -convener and hosts the Secretariat).
  • Delhi State Co-operative Societies
  • State Resource Center, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi
  • Member – Executive Committee – Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan, Delhi
  • PAC – DIET, Dariaganj, Delhi

The Trust has had the privilege of partnership with the following organizations:

  • HPS Social Welfare Foundation.
  • Integrated Village Development Trust, U.K.
  • Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.
  • Directorate of Education, Delhi.
  • Delhi Commission for Women
  • Delhi Social Welfare Advisory Board.
  • Central Social Welfare Board
  • Directorate of Social Welfare
  • State Resource Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia
  • National Institute of Urban Affairs.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.
  • Concern India Foundation.
  • Delhi Commission for Women.
  • Reach India (USAID)
  • Terre des Hommes –(Germany) India Program
  • Penguin Books India Ltd.
  • Isle of Man, U.K.
  • Plan India
  • Save the Children – Bal Raksha Bharat
  • Tech Mahindra Foundation




Dr A. V. Baliga Memorial Trust, after a long, widespread and not unsuccessful experience spanning several years in the field of adult education, with other development activities, formed a lasting rapport with the communities it has worked with in the slums and resettlement colonies of Delhi.

Preparation for education must start early if it has to continue till late.  The Trust has an early childhood education programme for 3-5 year old children to provide for the developmental needs of the age group and to ensure an early entry into the formal stream of education.  The programme also helps in releasing the older sibling for participation in other activities such as schooling.

In its subsequent thrust on the education of disadvantaged children since 1994, especially, non starters and dropout children, the Trust reached out to over 2,500 children each year through 100 non formal education centres based mainly in Mangolpuri Resettlement Colony and funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Subsequently, having entered into a partnership with the PEEP project (NIUA and UNICEF) and networking with over 23,000 households in 18 slum clusters the Trust was able to mainstream some 9,000 children into formal schooling and developed a rapport with its parents and its community.

The Trust had been running 66 learning centers under SSA Program and has developed a system for managing and monitoring large educational interventions.  We enrolled altogether 13,720 out of school children in the allotted Kshetras/designated areas and became able to mainstream a total of 6858 children during the project duration of three years (2003-06).

Concerned with the high rate of drop out, the Trust is also focusing on providing remedial coaching to children attending formal schools to retain them to help them improve academic proficiency.

Condensed courses have been organized by the Trust in Basti Khwaja Meer Dard, to address the specific needs of Muslim girls and also in Mangolpuri for underprivileged girls who were forced to drop-out of formal schooling at the elementary stage due to either family or community restrictions.  Regular training sessions of instructors and functionaries of the area by the State Resource Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, has brought about a large resource bank of committed workers in Mangolpuri.


The Trust focuses on awareness, advocacy, water and sanitation, preventive, promotive and curative measures, with minimum clinical support.

Ever since its inception has played an active role in the various government campaigns against polio, the most recent being the ‘Pulse Polio Campaign’ with the Govt. of NCT, Delhi in which over 1500 children were covered in Mangolpuri.

In collaboration with C.E.D.P.A. (Center for Education Development and Population Activities), implemented the ‘Better Life Options Programme (BLP) for Adolescent Girls’ in India.

Health Camps focusing on child survival and safe motherhood have been organised by the Trust in Yamuna Pushta and Mangolpuri in cooperation with State Resource Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, Forces, Jan Swasthaya Abhiyan and with the MCD, Delhi (I.P.P. VIII program).

The Trust also organizes Public Hearings/Interface on the issues of Right to Health – better health and sanitation services and on safe drinking water. It not only created awareness among the community but also made the concerned officials more responsible.

In collaboration with the Shroff Charitable Eye Hospital, Darya Ganj and Venu Eye Institute and Research Center has conducted over 50 eye camps with great success in Mangolpuri Resettlement Colony.

The Trust has been implementing a project “Bringing Healthcare to Doorsteps” in partnership with Save the Children- Bal Raksha Bharat in order to deliver  quality based healthcare and maternal, new born child health and nutrition services to the vulnerable segment of population living in urban slums and resettlement colonies: Mangolpuri, Sultanpuri, Jwalapuri, Khyala, Nihal Vihar, PremNagar Kirari and Bheemnagar-Nangloi.

Family Counselling and Legal Literacy

Since 1991, the Trust has been running a family-counseling center in Mangolpuri.  This center arose out of a felt need within the community, as several cases of domestic violence, atrocities perpetrated on women, dowry demands etc. came to the attention of the Trust.  Trained counselors and legal advisors staff the center.

Women’s Empowerment through Skill Enhancement and Income Generation

Cutting and Tailoring – Silk Screen Printing – Durri Making and Paper/fancy /jute bag making

Other Activities

Youth and children from the community have been trained in theatre and are regularly performing street plays in the community for generating awareness on social issues.

Children, especially girls are receiving training martial arts from a trained black-belt instructor also belonging to the same community and an earlier beneficiary of our programs.

Awareness programs are held regularly on legal literacy, safe motherhood, worker’s education, HIV/AIDS, issues relating to the girl child, etc. Eminent persons are invited to share information on the topics with the community.

The Trust has developed its own Child Protection Policy.

Our Mission

Major Thrust of the Trust

Education: With particular emphasis on adult literacy and non-formal education for non-starters and working children, education has been a major thrust area of the Trust.  The focus has been on the girl child, women and working children; development of creative expression; and creating a learning environment for children and neo-literates.

Health and Sanitation: Awareness, Advocacy, Preventive, promotive, curative; water and sanitation, Population education, –we are implementing“ Bringing Health Care to Doorsteps” in ten under privileged clusters of North west and west districts of Delhi with special care to mother and child health.

Family counseling and legal literacy.

Women’s empowerment through continuing education, vocational training, micro-credit activities of self-help groups and cooperative societies

Child Centered Community Development Program – with right based approach towards ensuring the major rights –survival, protection, participation and development of children.

The values of secularism, national integration and peace pervade all activities of the Trust.

Other Activities

Dr. A.V. Baliga Memorial Trust is the hosting secretariat of CACL-Delhi chapter. The organization is also one of the members of People’s Health Assembly-Delhi (JSA-D). It has been part of many programs organized under CACL and JSA-D banner. The Trust is convener of a national network Child Rights for World Social Forum working on child rights issue.

Geographical Area: Mangolpuri, Sultanpuri, Narela and Holambikalan in North west District, Bheem Nagar, Nangloi, Nihal Vihar, Prem Nagar Kiradi, Jwalapuri, Khyala in West District and Basti Khwaja Meer Dard in Central District.

Board Of Trustees

Sl.N.   Name   Designation Occupation      Address DOB
1 Smt. Binoo Sen (IAS, Retired) President Retd. Secretary, Govt. of India     Flat No.81, Tower – 15A ATS Green Village, Express way, Sector 93 A NOIDA – 201 304 17.09.1944 PAN;AALPS2093L
2 Dr. Varsha Das Trustee Writer & Academic B2/2176 Vasant Kunj New Delhi -110 070 09.11.1942 PAN;AGIPO9066H
3 Smt. Ranjana Ray Member/Secretary Social Worker H.No: 267 A,Gulmohar Avenue, Jamianagar New Delhi – 110 025 16.04.1929 PAN:AMWPR1961M
4  Ashok Kumar   (EX – Officio) Executive Director Dr. A.V. Baliga Memorial Trust C-205, Princess Park Ahinsa Khand -2 Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. 01.01.1962 PAN :ALLPK8846J  
5 Smt. Amarjeet Kaur Trustee Activist- women’s Issues Secretary-AITUC 281, Kohat Enclave Pitampura New Delhi – 110 034   02.04.1952 PAN:AASPK0717A
6 Sh. Samiur Rehman Treasurer Service -The Hope Project, Nizamuddin   46 Boundary Road Gaffar Manzil Jamia Nagar 07.05.1958 PAN:AATPR6130R
7 Dr. Koninika Ray Trustee Social Activist H.No: 267 A,Gulmohar Avenue, Jamianagar New Delhi – 110 025 09.07.1970

Annual Reports