Baliga Trust Initiative in Bihar

Dr  A V Baliga Memorial Trust

An Initiative towards ensuring all children upto the age of 18 years in regular school and making Child Labour Free Bihar

There were some major programs and projects executed by Baliga Trust as follows:


To end the Worst forms of child Labour in Mica Mines ( Jamui and Nawada Districts of Bihar supported by GIZ through TDH Germany –

The work of children in mining deprives children of their rights: hard labour in mining – whether underground or above ground – and in processing impairs the lives, health and safety of children. Mining work is one of the worst forms of child labour as defined by ILO Convention 182. The Indian “Child and Adolescent Labour Prevention and Regulation Act” also prohibits child labour in mining. Nevertheless, child labour is widespread in the Mica mining areas of the Indian states of Bihar (districts of Nawada and Jamui) and Jharkhand (districts of Giridih and Koderma) . Local organisations estimate that 22,000 child labourers* work in the Mica mining areas. Currently, local organisations observe significantly more children in mica mining: as a result of the lockdowns due to the Covid 19 pandemic, schools are closed and income is lost, for example the support of migrant women who often work as day labourers in other Indian regions and support their families. The project supported 5000 children in partnership with local NGOs at grassroot level and in association Dr  AV Baliga Memorial Trust for Advocacy and Awareness purpose.

  1. Eradication of Child Labour and Protection of children supported by TDH Germany
  2. State and National Consultations on Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Amendment Act 2016
  3. Child labour in Disguise: An exploratory Study to assess the situation of children in family enterprises supported by CRY 2021-22


The Major activities under above mentioned activities were conducted a s follows:


State Consultations: Total 4 in course of three years with an aim to eradication of child labour in Bihar with all concerned stakeholders at State level

State CACL Chapters Meetings: 6 in course of three years


Regional Capacity Building programs: 2 on child rights, acts and understanding on dynamics of child labour.


Awareness programs: spreading messages through radio – All India Radio – FM Channel

Spreading Messages through Doordarshan


  • Three Days State-level consultation was conducted in association with CACL Bihar and GIZ partner on 24th – 26th June 2022 .
  • A total of 92 Children and adult members were participated in the state consultation .
  • Children were expressed the work categories, impact of child labour and the  aspiration to be visualized to make  child labour free Bihar .

A children creative corner were set-up by the children and expressed the work categories and impact of child labour there for the stakeholders to take their views and expressions to make child labour-free Bihar .